Warna Downey

La Femme Fatale Plus-Sized Clothiers
Centre for Entrepreneurship Education & Development Inc.Nova Scotia

La Femme Fatale Plus-Sized Clothiers

Securing the Impact loan allowed me to be able to do this. Because I secured the Impact loan I was also able to get my funding from Futupreneur and the BDC. So those three agencies working together really allowed La Femme Fatale to take off, to go from just being an idea, to actually finding a location, to putting clothes in it, to be able to be open and bring plus size clothing to HRM and to Atlantic Canada as a whole.

The process of applying for the Impact loan for me was actually very simple because I walked in the doors and I had a business plan done. They read through the business plan that I had, that was existing, and they offered me advice on where to improve it, how to make it better, things that they needed to see in the financial analysis to make that financial analysis more sound. So they were willing to offer to lend a hand to allow me to have an even better business plan to work with and an even better and more robust financial analysis. And that’s key in making sure that your business is going to be successful.

The Impact loan primarily went to securing stock for the store. With the Impact loan I was able to travel to Los Angeles and I was able to go into the showrooms and see what they had in plus sized clothings. So now I have a base line so I can go back confidently and order things online for the store, and without the Impact loan I wouldn’t have been able to do that.


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