Stefanie Loukes

Rabbittown Beverage Co
Ignite FrederictonNew Brunswick

Rabbittown Beverage Co

I took out a personal loan to pay for the initial startup costs of Rabbittown Coffee Company. I thought the beverage side of the business was just going to be a pipe dream. When the Impact loan opportunity came about, I didn’t have a choice and I jumped on it. So it’s thanks to the Impact loan and thanks to Planet Hatch that I’m here.

The Impact loan was used to fund the startup costs for Rabbittown Beverage Company. I had already maintained and purchased the equipment for the mobile truck (Rabbittown Coffee Company) but Impact helped me with research and innovation, with food production, with hiring outside companies to develop and make sure that my recipes were food safe and were high quality, and also helped me pay for the rent, and helped me really start my journey.

The process for applying for the Impact loan was quite easy. It was an online application, followed by an email, followed by a pitch. I pitched this idea of taking the products that I was making with the coffee truck and packaging them and putting them into cans. And they liked the idea so much they offered me the loan.

The experience was wonderful because you learn how to pitch your idea in front of a group of individuals who are successful, who understand what it’s like to start a business, and who are willing and able to help you get there. Planet Hatch is an incubator for small business entrepreneurs, and they really saw potential in the idea and they saw potential in me.

If you want to start a business, I would absolutely recommend Impact. It was so quick. The process was easy and the support that you get from Planet Hatch and from Impact really does help you.


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