Saba Chishti

Choice Health Centre
Centre for Entrepreneurship Education & Development Inc.Nova Scotia

Choice Health Centre

When I began thinking about opening my own business I had aspirations that if I worked hard and planned well, I could dream big and make it happen. At first it was a rocky start. Securing funding as a young entrepreneur with no real collateral is a challenge to say the least! Not to mention foreseeing all of the obstacles that await. When I approached CEED, they took the time to hear about my dream and recognize the potential. With their help, I was not only able to secure the funding that was necessary to start my business, but I also received guidance and support that I had not expected. With their guidance, I was able to come up with a solid and (more importantly) realistic business plan that helped me secure the other loans and leases that I required.

Now almost one year into my thriving business, I am still in contact and receiving support from CEED. With their help, I have been able to receive much needed HR and OH&S training for my staff and more. Also I know that if I run into any problems or have any questions, the Advisors at CEED are ready and willing to answer my questions or point me in the right direction. CEED is a fantastic resource for young entrepreneurs and I would recommend the program to anyone who is passionate about pursuing their dream.


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