Randy Campbell

CBDC Central PEIPrince Edward Island


I used the Impact loan to build a team of people that were invested in this business, people with technical skills and people with marketing skills, and I’m going to use the rest of the Impact loan for marketing so that we can get people to our website to purchase our automated legal kits. Without the Impact loan I’m not sure what we would have done. I don’t really know what other solutions we would have been able to access. So it really was a key to us being able to start a business.”

“The experience that I’ve had with the Impact loan officer has been ideal. She e-mails me with questions and I respond, I email her with questions and she responds. Every once in a while she drops in and we chat. It’s been nothing but clarity and certainty and friendliness. You get the sense from the loan officer and from the folks at Impact that they actually care. That they’re actually sort of invested themselves in your business, that they want you to succeed.

I would absolutely recommend the Impact loan for other people. It’s a great source of funding and it is not incredibly challenging or onerous to apply. If you need financing to start your business this is the easiest, most entrepreneur friendly loan available.


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