Pepeto Pinto & Nathalie Arsenault

Solos Handpan
CBDC Central PEINew CanadianPrince Edward Island

Solos Handpan

The support of Impact helped us to get to where we are now, and to increase production to serve more people with the beautiful instruments that Pepeto makes. We’re really happy with the amount of people we’re able to reach with this business and changing lives through music. It’s something that’s really satisfying to see.

We approached Impact to be able to access more funding for our business. We were growing and needed capital to purchase more raw materials. We did not have the cash for that so we got an Impact loan to be able to produce more instruments. It costs a lot if you order material in small batches. We needed to purchase larger quantities to increase production, while decreasing unit costs. It really helped us to take the business to the next level.

Through Impact we accessed some skills training for marketing and business development. We were able to hire a consultant that helped us with the development of the actual business. We were very good at producing the instruments and selling them, but we needed a strategy to expand. The consulting and training helped us figure out where we wanted to take the business and what steps we needed to follow to get there.


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