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Taste of India
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Taste of India

“It’s hard to convince someone to believe in you, especially when you’re new to a community, the people at Impact loan believed in us and that was a huge huge thing for us. Me and my business partner, we had a great experience working with Impact loan. The people, they’re so cooperative. They go an extra step to help you out as far as opening up your business is concerned and the process of getting financed through Impact loan is very very easy.

The money that we got from Impact loan, we deposited half of it into our bank account just as a safety net, and then the rest was used for renovating the space and to pay the bills that were due at our restaurant. The Impact loan helped us in opening our restaurant for sure. The funds that we got from the Impact loan gave us enough confidence to open our doors for the public, because the last thing you want to do when you open your restaurant is not have enough money in your bank account to support the beginning stage of your business.”


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