Mylène Després

La Station Support & La Station Workspace
CBDC Westmorland AlbertNew Brunswick

La Station Support & La Station Workspace

I heard about the Impact loan program through a friend, who recommended the program, and so I went to 3 Plus, which she had recommended as well. I found applying for the Impact loan quite easy. It was just a matter of writing a business plan, which isn’t always easy, but it was just getting my ideas written down on paper, and the people at 3 Plus were really helpful in getting me started on how to get that written.

The Impact loan, when I went out and started La Support portion of my business, really helped me out by providing equipment such as my laptop, office supplies and all of that stuff, so I could actually go and get my first contracts and focus on my first contracts. And that brings me to where I am today with this workspace, because it actually helped put my name out there as an entrepreneur and as a business owner.

Working with Impact Atlantic and 3 Plus was great. There were only ever a phone call away or an email away for all of my many, many questions and they were always eager to help and give me guidance. If somebody were to come to me and asked me if they should be an entrepreneur, I would definitely recommend they go to Impact and to 3 Plus to get the help to get started. And I have already recommended people go there.


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