Monique Gracie

Tranquility Spa
Centre for Entrepreneurship Education & Development Inc.Nova Scotia

Tranquility Spa

“The Impact loan helped me tremendously. If it wasn’t for the Impact loan then I wouldn’t have been able to open my business. I definitely didn’t have the finances, because it is a lot of money starting out, especially when you run into brick and mortar, it’s very different from working from home. There’s a lot more overhead, a lot more expenses. So if it wasn’t for receiving that loan, it definitely would have made a difference because that’s what helped me purchase all my equipment and buy my products.

The loan money was used for the equipment that I purchased for my spa. I also used it for the Dermalogica skincare line that I purchased, and it definitely came in handy with the other hiccups along the way that I came across, including electrical, plumbing, carpentry. Those are the little things that you kind of overlook sometimes in a business, and you don’t realize that you may come in contact with. So it definitely helped out in that aspect for sure.

The experience that I had working with Impact and CEED was a positive one. If you ever have any questions or needed assistance in any way, shape, or form there is always somebody there to help you and answer the questions that you have. For me it was very important because there’s always going to be questions when opening a business, even after opening a business, so you’re always going to have those curiosities, so it’s good to always have somebody there on your side just to answer those questions for you.”


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