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[Insert Name Here] Productions
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[Insert Name Here] Productions

“When I was looking into getting a loan, my biggest concern was that I was a nontraditional business. I was a freelancer, which generally can be considered more risky. And MBO, along with their Impact Loan, was fully on board with helping me out, which was fantastic.

“The process of applying for the loan was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. Filling out my business proposal, what I would be doing, what I needed the loan for, was pretty straightforward. Metro Business Opportunities really helped me out with any questions that I was unsure about. They were super easy to deal with. I dealt with Lisa Guy, and she was fantastic to work with. She was always available when I needed her to chat about anything like that. And I went into a couple sit down meetings with her, and she walked me through everything. And in no time flat, I had the money to purchase the gear I needed.

Purchasing my sound equipment with the Impact Loan helped me stabilize my business, I had more reliable equipment, and helped me generate more revenue off of rentals.

After a number of years in the industry, I realized I needed to upgrade my audio editing suite, and I needed to purchase a new computer and some new equipment. So I went back to MBO, and they allowed me to top up my Impact Loan so I could get the new gear I needed.”


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