Lindsay MacPhee

The Floatation Centre
Centre for Entrepreneurship Education & Development Inc.Nova ScotiaSecond Career

The Floatation Centre

The Impact Loan Program allowed The Floatation Centre to exist. There is a high capital investment required to open any floatation therapy centre. The floatation tanks are quite expensive, so I got funding through the Impact Loan Program to purchase them. Now the centre is open and serving so many people.

I first got involved in the CEED program nearly four years ago. I went through their self-employment benefits program, which matches you up with a mentor. They help you set a timeline of business milestones and goals for you to reach. It was an incredible experience. I met so many other entrepreneurs who have now become really good friends of mine. My mentor was incredible and we’re still in touch.┬áCEED’s been highly influential in the success of The Floatation Centre.


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