Kyle Woods

Canum Nanomaterials
Ignite FrederictonNew Brunswick

Canum Nanomaterials

I think that anyone trying to start a company in New Brunswick, it’s an obvious first step to go with the Impact loan. The process of applying for the Impact loan was a lot smoother than I expected it to be. It was more of a conversation, and by the end of the application, not only did we get accepted but we also had a lot of great advice from the team at Impact and Ignite Fredericton. The people at Ignite Fredericton were tremendously helpful in starting our business, not in just providing the funding but also in the expertise and the advice that they were giving to us. They’ve been a huge asset for us.

The Impact loan was a tremendous help in starting Canum Nanomaterials. I was coming out of school as an undergrad and cash was tight. The plan for the first year of the company was for me to work on raising money and developing the business plan. So having that Impact loan from the start helped support some of Canum’s early stage developments.

After securing the Impact loan we went forward and entered several business plan competitions, and the biggest one was the NBIF Breakthru competition where we won first place and $375,000 towards our venture, which would never been possible without the Impact loan support. Now we’re moving forward to raise more money to commercialize our technology.


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