Kaitlyn Bergerson

SoulFlower SalonSpa
CBDC Westmorland AlbertNew Brunswick

SoulFlower SalonSpa

The money we received from the Impact loan was like the beginning for us, it was like a domino effect, once we had that funding from the Impact loan we were able to then go sit down with the business loans officer at the bank and we already had this capital established. So it really was the starting point for SoulFlower.

When you’re beginning a new lease you need to secure your location with deposits that are usually quite substantial. There’s a lot of inventory to buy, a lot of equipment to buy. So there’s a whole lot of things that you need, and having that extra cash flow from the Impact loan helped make it happen.

The experience working with Impact and 3 Plus was great. We never felt left in the dark or wondering what to do next. There was a lot of support and a lot of reassurance through the whole process. They helped us through the different stages of our business planning and then helping us understand the application process. We did a little presentation at the Moncton office to tell the group about SoulFlower and our vision and why we’re there, and they were incredibly supportive and really sweet while we were there and kept us up to date on everything.

Since receiving the loan I have benefited from some of the business skills training. A staff member of 3 Plus reached out to let me know about the programs that were happening and to offer me a complimentary seat in the class to help support the business and my knowledge of social media.


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