Jade Robinson

Aerial Warehouse
CBDC Central PEIPrince Edward Island

Aerial Warehouse

When deciding to open my own business, finances were definitely a barrier, I had to purchase all brand new equipment, as well as the rigging to install it into our space. So being able to access the financing through Impact definitely helped me create a safe environment to get started.

I sent in an Impact loan application and the people at CBDC Central PEI soon contacted me. I had a meeting with them where they were so kind and welcoming, and I really felt like they were patting me on the back and helping me work towards my goals, as opposed to perhaps creating more financial restrictions for me.

Impact and CBDC Central PEI have been true cheerleaders for me while trying to start my own business. Having an advisor to talk back and forth with has been really helpful, so that I feel like if I had a question or needed guidance in a certain area that I have someone I can reach out to who will lead me towards the skills training or the right type of information provided through Impact. The relationship that I developed with her really quickly helped me feel safe to continue pursuing this loan.

I would absolutely recommend for somebody to apply for an impact loan when starting their entrepreneurial journey. They have tons of tools and resources to help you reach your goals.


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