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Concierge Wellness
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Concierge Wellness

“Financially an Impact loan made a whole lot more sense for my business than a credit card at a 19.99% interest rate. It’s fine if you can pay that credit card off with your services provided and keep it at a zero balance. But in the first year of business, that’s not really realistic. So the Impact loan was the thing that allowed me to keep that credit card down and pay my bills on time. The interest rates for Impact are unbeatable, really. Nothing that I could obtain through the bank could match those kinds of rates.  Also, the turnaround time to receive the loan was very short, actually, probably less than two weeks.”

I think whenever one goes to obtain money from an outside source, there’s a bit of trepidation on your part going in to ask for money. That wasn’t the case at all with the Impact loan. In fact, Lisa Guy, my Loan Development Officer, encouraged me, and was incredibly supportive and walked me through the whole process.

Since receiving Impact, I’ve had an opportunity to meet regularly with my Loan Development Officer. She’s a great source of support and encouragement and realism. When I get discouraged that things aren’t going as fast as I had hoped or as fast as I had projected in my business plan, she just keeps me on track. The coaching has also been incredibly helpful in allowing me to look outside what I see as my potential market and encourages me to go further, reach higher.”


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