Danielle Aubut

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“The Impact loan opened up the ability for me to purchase the equipment that I needed to start my business. I don’t come from a wealthy family and I didn’t have the capital in the bank to allow me to just go out and purchase a $20,000 truss system. I didn’t want to go through bank loans because it was such high interest, so I was looking for small business loans that would be available for startup. I discovered that Metro Business Opportunity had the Impact loan program available to small entrepreneurs like myself, which was exactly what I was looking for.

When I was applying for the Impact loan, the process was straightforward. The people at Metro Business Opportunity were lovely to deal with. They really made it clear what was involved. They sit down and talk to you, they’ve been really good about answering emails and questions and overall it’s just a really good experience working with them.

The flexible repayments for the Impact loan are very beneficial because sometimes my business gets contracts that allow me to pay off large chunks at a time. It also means I do not have to have the debt hanging over my head for four years; I can pay it off in two if I want.”


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