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Damien Morris Designs
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Damien Morris Designs

Probably the biggest obstacle to opening my business was securing funding. There were several loan programs available, but you had to be operating in a rural area, which did not apply to my business.

When I found out about the Impact Program, it was an ideal fit. Impact was so fast, and they helped me refine my business plan. It was a very easy process.

The person I worked with at Impact helped me a lot. My Loan Officer stayed in contact, even after I received the finding. Since my business opened she comes by regularly to see how everything is going. She even attended my grand opening, and tries to make it to my other events. It’s not just a business loan, it’s a connection and a family and a support team that will be there. If I ever have a question, my Loan Officer will have the answer, or she’ll find someone that does.


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