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Cranky Goat Entertainment
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Cranky Goat Entertainment

“The big question for anybody in entertainment production is, do you own the equipment or do you rent the equipment? We discovered we could get ourselves fully fitted out with all the equipment we needed, for the amount of money the Impact Loan was offering. And so that’s how the Impact Loan was fabulous for us, because once we used the Impact Loan to buy the equipment, then we were totally in control of our own destiny. We weren’t dependent on other people and availability of other equipment, because now we owned it. And now we could also rent the equipment to other people. It just made sense for us to buy the equipment. And the only way to do that would be through the Impact Loan, because as a brand new business, going to the bank and trying to get credit wasn’t an option.

Metro Business Opportunities is one of the few groups that I’ve worked with, that are always looking for a reason to say yes. They’re never looking for a reason to say no. It’s always, “How can we make this work? Okay, you can’t do that Christopher, but we might be able to find a way to do it this way.” And that’s really refreshing because when you’re dealing with banks and you’re dealing with other financing organizations, a lot of times you’re hearing no a lot. But I never get that from MBO. MBO is always like, “Well Christopher, let’s sit down and figure this out. How can we make this work?”

When I went through the application process for the Impact Loan, there was always paperwork, but it wasn’t the kind of paperwork that I would have gone through with a bank. I didn’t have to put up my entire life and my first born, like you would with a bank. And it was a really quick process, every stage of the way, it was like, “We’re trying to find a way we can make this work”. And I just felt really supported by MBO. The whole time it was just, “We want to see you succeed.”


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