Christina Mahoney

District Hair
Metro Business Opportunities CorporationNewfoundlandSecond Career

District Hair

While building my business plan myself I was feeling a little lost so I reached out to MBO and had a meeting with a Development Officer there. They went through my business plan and gave me a lot of feedback on where to go from there and who to contact first and how to progress and what they were looking for in the proper format. It led me and gave me the motivation to go back to the drawing board and keep on plugging away at my business plan.

Because I was starting such a big venture in my business and I needed such a big startup fund, I needed multiple lenders to get me to this point. MBO and Impact were the final piece of the puzzle that helped put it all together. If I didn’t get the funding through Impact I wouldn’t have gotten approved for the other two as well. So Impact was really the tipping point.

I would describe my experience with MBO as being almost friendly and caring. I was able to go there without fear and without feeling like I wasn’t good enough or anything like that. It was just a friendship to help me through. I didn’t feel like I was sitting in front of a panel being judged. I felt like I was actually working with a person who wanted me to succeed and wanted me to progress and wanted to make sure that my business was really planned thoroughly so that I was set up for success.


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