Chelsey Daley

Sequoia Natural and Organic Fredericton
Ignite FrederictonNew Brunswick

Sequoia Natural and Organic Fredericton

Ignite Fredericton and the Impact provided the confidence I needed to move forward. They really made me feel like owning my own business was something that I could do.

Approval for the Impact loan gave me confidence in my business idea. Impact gave me a safety net in case any issues arose while starting my business. It felt good to know I had the money to solve problems on my own, that I wouldn’t have to ask for help.

The people at Ignite Fredericton and Impact were fantastic to work with. All they want to do is help you and to watch you succeed. That is their goal, 100%. It really warmed my heart when my Loan Officer from Ignite Fredericton came to the store’s grand opening to support me. It was like having another family member. That was exactly what I needed while starting my business.

Everybody I talk to that is looking to start a business, whether it’s big or small, whether they need a loan or not, I tell them to go to Ignite Fredericton. They’ll give you the knowledge. They’ll help you with the business side. That’s the place to start.


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