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Reliable Heating and Mechanical

I learned about that Impact loan program through trying to get loans from banks. I had gone to several different banks, but none would give me a loan until I’d been in business for three years, regardless of my good credit and the personal equity I was investing. Luckily, one bank pointed me in the direction of Envision Saint John. I went there, they started telling me about the Impact loan and it has been great ever since.

The process for applying for an Impact loan was simpler than a bank loan just because I did have help along the way from several different people at Envision Saint John. They guided me through the whole process, they helped me do up a business plan, they can help you look for employees, they do all sorts of different little courses and classes for entrepreneurs. And every step of the way, any time I had a question, they were right there to help.

The experience with the Impact loan and Envision Saint John has been very very great, it’s been very rewarding. They’ve helped me through the entire process of not only getting a loan but putting together a business plan and basically providing me with the tools I need to succeed as an entrepreneur.

They really want you to succeed and it makes everything so much easier when you have a support team. When you’re going into things on your own, it can be scary. So having people there really helped the process.

The Impact loan definitely helped me get a good jump on everything as far as stocking items that customers may need. We run a 24/7 service so stock is very very important. I had purchased a van with some my own money, I just didn’t have the money to fill it up, so they definitely helped me out with that. We put lots of parts and tools on it and it was a great start. And ever since then everything’s been rolling very smoothly.

If I were to speak to someone who is starting their own business I would definitely point them in the direction, in fact I already have pointed some people in the direction, of Envision Saint John. Just the whole experience with them, the whole startup process has been made a whole lot easier, both through the financial help and the resources they provide.


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