Impact Your Future in Atlantic Canada

Impact helps foster small and medium-sized businesses in urban Atlantic Canada. Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents of all ages can apply for a business start-up loan, while established business owners 19 to 39 can avail of expansion financing.

What’s in it for you

+ Quick and Easy Application Process;

+ Low-Interest Start-Up or Expansion Loans of up to $25,000;

+ No down payment, collateral, or security required;

+ Impact can be leveraged to access additional financing from other business lenders;

+ Flexible approval criteria allows consideration of varied credit histories and non-traditional business ideas;

+ Includes access to business skills development session;

+ Provides on-going business support, including valuable advice and feedback;

Facilitates connections to other support agencies and the local entrepreneurial ecosystem;

Lasting Impact

Join the growing number of New Canadian entrepreneurs who have experienced a Lasting Impact on their business start-up or expansion. Check out their stories, experiences, and testimonials below


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